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Policy overview

Diversity and inclusion is one of Assiniboine Credit Union's (ACU) core values. An extension of that value is ACU's commitment to achieving accessibility and meeting the needs and abilities of all people in providing products and services in a manner, which ensures that their dignity and independence is maintained. ACU is committed to meeting the requirements of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

For requests or feedback about accessibility at ACU please 

Policy elements

Policy availability
ACU will maintain its Accessibility Policy in a written format. It will be available to the public and will be provided in an accessible format when requested.
Information and communications
When providing information to, or communicating with, a person with a disability, Assiniboine Credit Union will provide, on request, the information and communication in an accessible format or with a communication support. ACU will work in consultation with the person with the disability to provide the information in a timely manner that takes into account the person's disability.
  • Accessible service
    Assiniboine Credit Union will strive to provide barrier-free access to products and services that accommodate the needs of its patrons. ACU will welcome and support all who use assistive devices, support persons or service animals.
  • Support persons
    Any person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be welcome to have the support person accompany them as they conduct their business at ACU. For any events for which a fee is charged, no fee will be charged for the support person accompanying a person with a disability.
  • Service animals
    Unless otherwise prevented by law, persons with disabilities will be permitted to be accompanied by a service animal.
  • Disruption in service
    The notice of a disruption in service will be displayed on the premises and may be posted on the ACU website, if longer term, or by any means reasonably practicable considering the circumstances.
  • Accessibility requests and feedback process
    A form for accessibility requests or feedback is available on the ACU website or from one of our branches. Receipt of the form will be acknowledged within seven business days.

Employment at ACU
ACU has in place accessible employment policies and practices and these are available on request and in accessible formats.

Assiniboine Credit Union will provide training to employees on accessibility requirements under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and the Accessible Customer Service Standard and the Accessible Employment Standard.

Management responsibilities
Management is responsible developing and implementing appropriate procedures and controls in compliance with the policy and for ensuring employees are aware of this policy.

Date of President & CEO approval: October 30, 2018

Assiniboine Credit Union is the sole interpreter of this policy and reserves the right to modify and/or delete this policy at its sole discretion.

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