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Investing in Community

As part of our mission to provide financial services for the betterment of our members, employees and communities, we invest our skills and resources to create positive social impact. A few initiatives we're proud to be involved in include:
  • Providing access to financial services and credit in communities abandoned by mainstream providers, like Winnipeg’s North End 
  • Creating business and financial literacy opportunities by partnering with Tec Voc High School to operate Stingers Credit Union, a branch of ACU that is run by high school students
  • Investing in foreign-trained professionals through specialized loans that enable them to have their credentials recognized and pursue their careers
  • Offering a unique opportunity for new Canadians to join our credit union and gain access to the financial services and advice they need 
  • Providing nonprofits, cooperatives and ‘mission-based’ businesses with the financing and other services they need to achieve their missions
  • Partnering with community organizations to offer workplace training opportunities for people from marginalized groups
  • Partnering with the Manitoba Real Estate Association, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Province of Manitoba to invest in homeownership opportunities for Indigenous families
  • Responding to the Manitoba Islamic Association by creating a unique mortgage product for the Muslim community 
  • Through grants and sponsorships, investing in events, programs, and organizations that create social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and support community enterprise development
  • Employee volunteering that fosters social justice, economic self-reliance and environmental sustainability in our communities
  • Applying principles of Sustainable Procurement by using local businesses dedicated to creating positive social and environmental outcomes. Where there’s a choice, prioritizing purchasing from Manitoba and Indigenous-owned businesses, nonprofits and co-operatives, and certified B Corp and Fair Trade companies.

Featured advice and stories

 Dennis Cunningham Manager of Environmental Sustainability at ACU

ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Dennis Cunningham

Dennis Cunningham grew up in Halifax, and as a child in the Maritimes, his environmental beliefs were first developed. Today, halfway across the country as the Manager of Environmental Sustainability at ACU, this lifelong passion is put into action every day, helping reduce the credit union’s environmental footprint. […]
Asterisk article - The inspiring life of Ed McCaffrey, one of ACU’s founding members

The inspiring life of Ed McCaffrey, one of ACU’s founding members

As we celebrate ACU’s 78th year this February 2021, we also reflect on the life of one of our founders who recently passed away at the incredible age of 100. Even into his final days this past October, having long since retired in Texas, Ed McCaffrey cherished the memories of building ACU back in Manitoba.

ACU and B Corp — We’re in good company!

ACU has joined in the B Corp movement with over 270 Canadian companies, including five other Manitoban businesses, in their commitment “to be a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.”
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